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Dear Neighbor and Fellow Maitland Voter,

This Tuesday, March 12th, we will be electing two new members to our Maitland City Council.  Like many of you I have talked with while walking our neighborhoods, I have grown discouraged and frustrated with the lack of progress for a new downtown.  Our shared concern is part of the reason I decided to take my commitment to Maitland to the next level and run for our City Council.  The City has been great at conducting studies, and of course that’s important, but it’s now time for action.

As a former small business owner who built custom homes and unique in-fill developments and as the former Vice President of a large residential community, I earned a reputation for problem-solving, competitive bidding, effective cost evaluation and building of community.  I’ve been out of the building business for a few years now and would like to put my skills to work (full time) to help Maitland in our quest for a new downtown and the redevelopment of our Maitland Center community.  I am also fully committed to protect the interests of taxpayers, homeowners and our schools.

As someone who is wary of over-promising politicians, I don’t want to make that mistake.  Achieving a new downtown, however, will require vision, diplomacy and team building. It will take the courage to know when to act and when to admit we aren’t ready.  None of us want redevelopment just for redevelopment’s sake.  We want a unique, special downtown that we can all be proud to call “ours.”  That’s my goal.

Those who know me and have worked with me will tell you that I have demonstrated my commitment to Maitland through my voluntary service on several community boards and committees, including the Maitland Civic Center, Performing Arts of Maitland, Maitland Woman’s Club, and committees of Art & History museums – Maitland, and others. I am also a proud wife, mom, businesswoman, and an active member of Trinity Anglican Church.  I’ve enclosed a brochure with more information about my background and priorities.

Lastly, I recently learned that some of my opponent’s supporters are engaging in negative campaigning and baseless accusations that are simply not true.  If you hear anything that gives you pause about supporting me, please call me directly on my cell phone at 407-376-3915.  I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  I would greatly appreciate your vote on March 12th, and it will be my pleasure to serve you on our Maitland City Council.  For even more details and specific questions,

                                                                                    Sincerely yours,

                                                                      Renee Stein Charlan 
Maitland City Council Candidate for Seat 3


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